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About Us

Our Story

Twin Capital Management LLC is an alternative investment management firm founded by David J. Simon in 1988.

Twin Capital Management’s investment strategy is event-driven and value-oriented, specializing in the identification and analysis of securities likely to experience a change in value resulting from market catalysts.  The firm’s investment activities may be classified under three key strategies.

Key Strategies

Merger arbitrage 

mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, hostile takeovers

Undervalued securities with a catalyst 

management change, shareholder activism, industry consolidation 

Special situations 

restructurings, spin-offs, litigation, short sales

We are driven by values

Twin Capital Management focuses on medium- to large-cap companies in developed countries, excluding Asia. The firm is highly selective and opportunistic with its investments, which can minimize market risk and create a lower correlation with overall markets.  Our approach requires deep fundamental research and analysis. The firm has achieved its results with little to no leverage and a disciplined approach to risk management